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Heart Remains > Joelistics from Verb Studios on Vimeo.

The HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT invited people from across Australia to contribute video content in response to the track HEART REMAINS by the hip hop artists Joelistics (ELEFANT TRAKS). The final video is a tapestry of place, culture, people and landscape that paints a portrait of Australia in the 21st Century.

Words and music: Joel Ma (Joelistics)
Produced, Directed and Edited by Timothy Parish – Verb Studios

Footage Contributors:

Cris Broadhurst
Jasper Smith
Grant VK58GR
Gini Lee
Sundry Productions
Jenny Grinlington
Michael Fletcher
Kym Fielke
Aime Lou

ABC Open Wide Bay
Darcy Travers
Barry Schrapel
Norm Ofstead
Injected Ideas
James Russell
Geoff Oliver
Dave Dwyer
Tracey Lundgren
Pierpaolo Baricchio
Sharon Greenaway
Nicky Forster
Stephanie Riddel
Ty Swanson
Bjorn Rust
Mike Riley
Paul Sellen
Alasdair Shurman
Ashley Perry
Martin Whipp
Documentary Shop
Will Horne
Liam Monkhouse
Tim Parish

Many thanks to:
Will Tinapple
Sam Hussey
Miles Merrill
Anthea Varigos
Bill Wade
Hamish McDonald
Eric Fassbender
Richard Tamplenizza

Creative Commons


In collaboration with Word Travels, Elefant Traks, and YOU – hip hop artist Joelistics is working with Verb Studios is calling out to all fans, artists and filmmakers – or anyone with an HD camera or videophone to contribute their vision of Australia for a national video portrait by uploading their own footage over the months of April 2012.

The HEART REMAINS OPEN PROJECT is an open source video project which invites anyone in Australia to contribute their own vision of the country.‘HEART REMAINS’ is one of the standout tracks from his recently released album VOYAGER. It’s an insightful reflection of the Australian landscape, culture and psyche. Written while on the road, Joelistics has channeled his feelings about his homeland into this epic ode to what he calls “my version of ‘I Love A Sunburnt Country’”. From the ghost to the cities to the stars in the red center it paints a portrait of a thousand faces of Australia. The project will use the track HEART REMAINS from the album VOYAGER as the inspiration for an experiment in social media art collaboration to create a video self-portrait of Australia.

This project is proudly supported by the Charles Darwin University MERGE FESTIVAL and SLAMTV.ORG