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“Here we go, kids. Breathe in a lungful of petrol fumes and take flight, high on fossil fuels.
Scatter now, travel is cheap – but it won’t be forever. What if we are the last airborne generation?”

Crossing from the personal to the political, local to the global, Nomadology is an anthology of anecdotes, gonzo journalism, personal confessions and political reflections by digital gypsies on the nature of travel in a globalised world. Nomadology features unconventional travel stories with a consciousness that taps into a generation of young travellers seeking something more than the tourism circuits promoted by generic guidebooks and package holidays. From the central Australian desert to the red light districts of New Delhi, hitch-hiking across the USA with a pyromaniac gulf-war veteran to body-bagging in Thailand after the tsunami, or meeting the discoverer of LSD in Switzerland on his one hundredth birthday, the tales in Nomadology explore the world in a unique, yet personal way. What unites the stories is the question of what travel means in a globalised world. What is the connection between the modern backpacker and the philosophy of the nomad in traditional cultures, and how do we transcend the barriers of culture and connect with the places we are travelling through.


The Nomadology Book was the result of 18 months of writing through Undergrowth’s Nomadology website created with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts which employs blogging software that allows contributors to post coordinates of where and when they are writing their stories from. It was edited and designed, Timothy Parish, writer, video artist and founder of and Nicolas Low, an English Literature Post Graduate student at Melbourne University and designer of the Nomadology site .

The contributors to the book range from activists to artists, teachers to journalists, amateur shamans to itinerant performers.

To read the online archive of contributions to the blog go to:


Download a PDF of the book here:

[07] Nomadology

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