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Presented by Brown’s Mart Productions & The Cicada Collective in association with SANGGAR PARIPURNA

Written and Directed by Timothy Parish
Directors of Puppetry Conor Fox and I Made Sidia
Starring: Tom Pauling, Kadek Hobman, Tony Rive & Ciella Williams
Animation by Timothy Parish

The Book of Shadows was an international theatrical production blending shadow puppetry, video projections and live performance to create an unique, evocative stage play, now beign adapted into a screenplay.

Set in the European dark ages as two gypsies escape the trials of the inquisition and the witch trials, the story revolves around the forbidden ‘book of shadows’ an ancient codex that has the power to adapt a new story for whomsoever reads it. The narrative expands in a portmaneau of stories adapted with new interpretations from traditional fairy tales, myths, legends, folk tales from across the world.

Situated in the worlds of fantasy and magic, shadow and light, myth, legend and fable, The Book of Shadows explores the power of story and imagination, taking it’s audience form the underworld to the afterlife and beyond.

Highlights from the BOOK OF SHADOWS theatrical production.

Written and directed by Darwin filmmaker and artist Timothy Parish with puppetry direction by Conor Fox, The Book of Shadows grew into an international collaboration with Balinese performing artists from the Sanggar Paripurna headed by the internationally renowned dalang Made Sidia.

Preview of the BOOK OF SHADOWS chapter ‘The Song of the Sky’ based on Greek mythology.

A short video following the creative development of The Book of Shadows with members of The Cicada Collective, during a three week artistic intensive in Ubud, Bali.

Big thanks to Browns Mart Theatre, Sean Pardy, Sanggar Paripurna and Made Sidia, Michi Arts Retreat, Odeck and Tara from Betelnut UBUD.

All videos filmed and edited by Timothy Parish – Verb Studios

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