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Darwin vs Matilda TVC & Behind The Scenes

DARWIN VS MATILDA TVC from Verb Studios on Vimeo.

Debuted in the 2010 Darwin Festival, and now back by popular demand, a play within a play; a story within a story. Darwin Vs. Matilda; The True History of Australia’s Northern Frontier is the play about a radio-play, set in a 1930s radio station in country New South Whales. Everything has fallen apart for the station’s owner, Maxwell Wells, who must organise his cast of actors in time for the morning program: an adventure loosely based on true events. Each of his seven actors/musicians have to play multiple characters, instruments and sound effects.

Mr Wells’s ‘loosely true’ radio play is an epic in itself: A cyclone sweeps through Palmerston and Port Darwin. Mysterious strangers arrive, peddling healing elixirs and mystic oddities from foreign lands. The market troupe of damned souls exists only within the eye of the storm. Local punters fall under their charms and the community is polarised as Matilda’s kissing booth opens—when they lean in to kiss, she suspiciously holds a dagger to each man’s heart – impeding their advances. Enter a new stranger, experienced in debunking charlatans and psychic swindlers. Will he get the girl or a dagger in the heart?

Featuring true Australian pioneers such as Inspector Foelsche, Boroloola hermit Roger Jose, and mining giant Ping Que.

Darwin vs Matilda: behind the scenes from Verb Studios on Vimeo.

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