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PORTALS > BOOK ONE: Tales From The Undergrowth


PORTALS is an anthology of short stories, poems art and gonzo journalism by artist, writer and flimmaker Timothy Parish. Written on the road over five years, this book is a personal journey through the social political, ecological and metaphysical landscapes of Oz.

Published in 2011.

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THE JOURNEYBOOK > book project

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Undergrowth book #8 > THE JOURNEY BOOK

Edited by Timothy Parish & Rak Razam

Artistic Direction, Design and Art by Timothy Parish (Verb Studios)

The Journeybook is an essential map of hyperspace for the contemporary psychonaut and the uninitiated alike. Travel through time and space and partake of mushrooms at Harvard, hemp in Nimbin, DMT in the Amazon and anti-depressents in the suburbs of the West, to name but a few of the experiences which await you. Dance at Dionysian festivals, meet alchemists in the laboratories of Switzerland, trippers in the corporate highrises of Brisvegas, and journey to the edge of the universe within our anthology’s pages…

The Journeybook is a collection of tales of altered states, essays, history and manifesto for psychedelic culture in the 21st century. It covers the modern usage of sacramental plants and offers insights into traditional and contemporary shamanism, as well as analysis of the current state of global psychedelic culture and its place in a sustainable future.

It features interviews with Terence McKenna (previously unpublished), Dennis McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, as well as articles by Rak Razam, Erik Davis, Graham St John, Timothy Parish, Tim Boucher, Dave Cauldwell, Des Tramacchi, Brummbaer and others. An 18x 20 cm art book edition with over 250 pages, it is fully illustrated with over 50 pages of colour paintings, photography and digital graphics from the Undergrowth art collective, including new works by regular Undergrowth contributors Gerhard Hillmann, Oliver Dunlop, Izwoz, Ahimsa, Tim Parish, Rak Razam and others.

The Journeybook is an essential handbook for those interested in the subject of consciousness, spirituality and understanding the rich pharmacopia of thought that exists beyond the confines of mainstream cosmology.

Read on. Tune in. Discover.

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RANDOM MOLECULES > Undergrowth Magazine #6



From the quantum to the cosmic, chaos theory to chaos magick, political powerplays to psychedelic activism, free radicals and spiritual anarchism – beware a premature definition of reality.

Feature Writers: Rod Baker, John Pace, Rebecca Fitzgibbon, Tim Parish, Rak Razam, Claire Wren, Levin Daistchenko, Hakim Bey, Jonathan Arrow, Dan MacKinlay, Betwixt, Rumi + Hafez… Feature Artists: Gerhard Hillman, Paul Kalemba, Antonia Green, Ben Mastwyk, Tim Parish, Oliver Dunlop, Tom Civil, Webgrrl, Natasa Guistava, Alex Grey, Dan MacKinlay, Jacinda Brown, Andrea Brescianini, Claire Wren and Kieren Sanderson.


UNDERGROWTH #3 > Tales of the Simulacrum



Undergrowth Magazine # 3 > TALES OF THE SIMULACRUM

This anthology magazine of art and writing explored the contested ground of analogue vs digital,

as contemporary virtual reality, the mediasphere, the datafeed, and the creeping simulations of real existence around us.

Where is the real? And how do we connect within the islands of the net?

First published October 2004 and launched at Electrofringe Media Arts Festival, part of This Is Not Art