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THE PLANETS > montage


A short montage of a film project created in 2010 as a cinematic accompaniment to Darwin Symphony Orchestra performing The Planets by Gustav Holst. This production was an attempt to map the astrological symbolism of the planetary cosmos onto the music journey created by Holst in 1914.
Performed live at the Darwin Entertainment Centre November 2010 with full symphony orchestra.

Soundtrack: Jupiter by Gustav Holst
Darwin Symphony Orchestra Artistic Director: Leif Sundstrup

Rob E. Hoad as The Wanderer & Hermes
Lulu Madill as Venus
Psycus Pete as The Magician

Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by Timothy Parish
Co-Produced by Alex Ben Mayor – 32 Degrees
Assistant Directors: Leigh Bramall, Peta Khan
Director of Photography: Joshua Muirhead
Animation Director: Pete Walker – Visual Milita

Pete Walker, Daniel Hartney, Mike Holligan, Sam Bondareff, Craig Danvers, Michael Roseth, Luke Rosenberg, Nestora

Verb Studios 2010

AFLOAT > theatre and video

A sample of video projections for the AFLOAT theatrical performance as part of the Darwin Festival 2009.

Utilising shadow puppetry created by Conor Fox and compositing with video and animations as part of a larger theater performance with performers from Arts Access Darwin.

Film and edited by Timothy Parish

Live video mixing by Sam Hoffmann

Verb Studios 2009


A short excerpt of the video installations set up for the ORIGINS project, a large scale public performance project celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘The Origin Of The Species’ as part of the Darwin200 global events calendar.

Produced by Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

Directed by Alex Ben Mayor

Video installations and live VJ projections: Tim Parish – Verb Studios

Video assistant: Sam Hoffmann


A 30 second TV Commercial for the Northern Territory Film Festival “FIST FULL OF FILMS” 2010


Epic conscious rap and video which follows the beginning of the universe from big bang to evolution of life and the creative instinct that sparks eternal.

FIAT LUX is an ode to the creative muses and the evolution of consciousness performed by HUGO (lyricist behind the RAP NEWS), with beat by TREATS ( and video collage by filmmaker TIM PARISH aka VERB STUDIOS as an Undergrowth Magazine collaborative project in samplology.

FIAT LUX is from the album ‘The Enlightenment Age’ available online through Reverb Nation here:

This video is dedicated to the brilliant artists and creative minds that have inspired and evolved the human experience into manifesting a visionary society.

We want to also respectfully acknowledge the work of the filmmakers and painters whose work has been sampled in this video essay of evolution.

Stanley Kubrick (2001:Space Odyssey)
Jan Kounen (Blueberry/Renegade)
Godfrey Reggio (Naqoyqaatsi)
Ron Fricke (Baraka)
David Attenborough (LIFE)
Darren Oronofsky (The Fountain)
Alex Grey (TOOL: Lateralus)

Electric Light Orchestra – Tightrope
Telephon Tel Aviv – Sound In A Dark Room
Sebastian – H.A.L.
The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy 8-Bit Dub)
2562 – Kameleon
Rhianna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella
Rage Against The Machine – Township Rebellion

Visionary Painters:
Aboriginal Australian, Mayan, Huichol, Native American and Egyptian Artists, Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Brueghel, Pablo Picasso, Vassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, MC Escher, Amanda Sage, Alex Grey, Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa, Pablo Amaringo and many more…


“we live not underground but in the undergrowth”